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Midnight Snack!

May 6, 2011

In my previous “life” working in catering and banquets, I saw the makings of a new trend that I just LOVED! Introducing the Midnight Snack!

Picture this….it is 11:30pm, the fabulous band you paid way-too-much-for but is 100%-totally- worth-it, has been rocking the dance floor since 8pm. Your guests have been nonstop dancing machines. We are talking foot blisters, un-tucked shirts/rolled up sleeves and sweat! What do they want? You guessed it! A greasy, cheesy, deep friend, calorie-ridden…..Midnight Snack!

mini sliders with cheese

gourmet french fries with dipping sauces

mini pizzas with all the fixins'

fried mac and cheese...I mean, COME ON!

Ask for your catering staff to pass, around the perimeter of the dance floor and cocktail lounge/bar area, a sampling of delicious bite-sized snack ideas just as the band is winding down. The possibilities are virtually endless as nearly everything can be made into a bite sized mini version! Your guests will go home with a full belly, sore feet, and memories of a simply spectacular evening!

Or how about this idea….shot by Jim Alteri Photography at a local Stamford wedding. Little favor bags of warm and salty popcorn for guests to snack on during the car ride home! Genius (and delicious!)

How will you satisfy your guests cravings?! YUM!

until then..aPp

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